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Belle de JourFr. The carnal film ended ambiguously and tragically when her escapades as a part-time prostitute in a chic brothel brought sexual fulfillment she told her husband, "Every day I love you more" - but also imagined physical and emotional harm to her husband. She was unhappily married to respectful society surgeon Dr.

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Caligula Italian : Caligola is a erotic historical drama film focusing on the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula. It is the only feature film produced by the men's magazine Penthouse. Producer Bob Guccionethe magazine's founder, intended to produce an explicit pornographic film with a feature film narrative and high production values.

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She lets him lead her into various erotic encounters involving video cameras and orgies at secret clubs in between jetting off to international modeling jobs where she tests other men for their potential as the perfect mate. While off on her New York shoot, she meets New Age-y Bruce Kenneth Legallois who introduces her to Tantric sex and starts looking for Joy's father behind her back "My true love is a ghost". Things get ugly with Marc but a phone call from Bruce and a convenient telegram drive Joy to confront her past.

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There are plenty of things to consider after seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood : What really went down the night of August 8,the last full day Sharon Tate lived? And who of those people had the dirtiest feet? But the first thing I wondered aloud, to no one in particular, after stepping out of an evening screening: Does the bodega in my neighborhood sell Kraft mac and cheese?

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By Petra Joy. You take me to The Rose Garden, undress me and satisfly my fear withkisses. You make my skin tangible with the touch of those warm, dryhands I want to wet with me desire.

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This immersive exhibition, commissioned by the Museum of Sex, features five attractions designed to stimulate all five senses in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Physical, visual and olfactory experiences are utilized to give the audience a breathless rush of endorphins similar to those released at the point of orgasmchallenge their strength and agility, and allow them to compete with and impress friends and lovers and to share the love with other visitors. Huge inflatable made out of boobs' Irish Mirror.

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She's back. The unsinkable, indefatigable Erica Jong returns with the third in her fictional, but suggestively autobiographical Fear Of series. It's one of the great cultural mysteries why Fear of Flyingselling 27 million copies in 40 languages, became one of the sacred texts of early second-wave feminism.

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One of a seemingly endless number of films that tried to capitalize on the success of the "art house" softcore porn flick Emmanuelle, the Canadian movie Joy has been released to DVD by Severin Films. Emmanuelle was especially influential because it broke barriers by playing in neighborhood theaters where couples could view the film in a respectable environment and not be bothered by the raincoats-on-the-lap crowd. Joy, directed by Serge Bergon, follows in the tradition by stressing a story of romance over overt sexual acts.


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