Menstrual cramping and sex

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For decades, the medical establishment thought of menstrual cramps as an ailment that was minor at best. Doctors tended to deal with it by either dismissing the pain as a psychological problem or prescribing painkillers or tranquilizers. Today researchers have come a long way toward a fuller understanding of menstrual cramps and the pain they cause some 50 percent of women each month.

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Menstrual cramps are most likely caused by an excess of prostaglandins —compounds that are released from the uterine lining as it prepares to be shed. They are a necessary part of the process, but in excess, they cause pain. Take the edge off with a heat compress and a common anti-inflammatory pain medication, like ibuprofen.

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Though period sex can be a bit messy, it is safe. Orgasms may relieve menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are a result of your uterus contracting to release its lining.

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Though it may pose some logistical concerns, there's no scientific evidence that having sex during your period is harmful to your health. Some women even find that having intercourse while menstruating brings several benefits and is more pleasurable than it is at other times. It's important to remember, though, that just because your body is eliminating your uterine lining because an egg was released but not fertilized doesn't mean you can't get pregnant while you have your period.

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We don't need experts to tell us that there are more benefits besides pleasure when it comes to sex. But should you need scientific proof, there's plenty of itlike how it can boost your immune system, help lower stress and risk for depression, improves sleep and can even lower our perception of pain. However, there's one topic that's not often discussed, despite the fact that it's common among women: Cramps after sex.

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Sure, period sex can sometimes be a messy situation. You know, like towels. And a lot of dudes are into it — like, really into it.

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When your period is around the corner and your cramps gradually start to kick inthe first things you reach for are ibuprofen and a hot water bottle and maybe some dark chocolate. One PMS remedy you may have never considered, though, is having sex. Before you cringe and back away, hear us out.

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Taboos about avoiding sexual behavior while menstruating are based on archaic ideas. Some women even notice increased arousal during their period 1, 2. Plus, there is anecdotal evidence that orgasms can help ease menstrual cramps 3, 4. Masturbation during your period is also an option.

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Many men and women feel anxious about having sex during periods because we have been culturally conditioned to believe that menstruation is something dirty. There are also many misconceptions about the medical aspects of sex during periods. Medically, it is normal to have sex during periods.

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Prostaglandins are responsible for uterus muscle contractions, which can bring on tummy pain and cramping. There are many well-known methods of easing this monthly lower abdomen pelvic cramping. Often, taking the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine ibuprofen this acts to counteract the effect of prostaglandins is all it takes for the crampy pains to subside. Alternative common pain-relieving methods include cuddling a hot water bottle, hot baths or showers, wearing looser clothing, and exercise.


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