Plausible thumb seperates human from ape

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DNA from this finger bone, resting on top of an artist's reconstruction of the hand it came from, revealed the existence of the Denisovans. It looked like an ordinary finger bone. But when researchers sequenced its DNA inthey uncovered the existence of a group of ancient humans no one had seen before: the Denisovans.

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Hold your hand out in front of you and look at it carefully. The human hand is made up of four fingers and one thumb. Have you ever thought about how much you use your thumb?

At first glance, maybe not much. No muscles, only two phalanges, a short physique, a distance-challenged banishment to the space bar Oh, but how wrong first impressions can sometimes be. This digital underdog is arguably the most influential component in the advancement of mankind.

Con: What about the phylogenic tree derived from metabolic enzymes matching the morphologic tree? Pro: Read about hypothesis testing. Furthermore, this would be like third and forth-order evidence and an argument from ignorance when in fact we have second-order evidence as shown in this OP and elsewhere first-order would be direct observation which is missing.

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An apelike creature with human features, whose fossil bones were discovered recently in a South African cave, is being greeted by paleoanthropologists as a likely watershed in the understanding of human evolution. The discoverer of the fossils, Lee Berger of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburgsays the new species, known as Australopithecus sediba, is the most plausible known ancestor of archaic and modern humans. Several other paleoanthropologists, while disagreeing with that interpretation, say the fossils are of great importance anyway, because they elucidate the mix-and-match process by which human evolution was shaped.

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Scientists keep finding more similarities between humans and chimps. They share most of our genes, they seem to be able to handle tools, and they grasp some English pretty well, too. When a person speaks, or even plans to say something, this region lights up with activity. Taglialatela and his colleagues used a PET scan to image activity in the brains of three chimps after doing two tasks.

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Animal Cognition. Great apes give gestures deliberately and voluntarily, in order to influence particular target audiences, whose direction of attention they take into account when choosing which type of gesture to use. Intended meanings of ape gestures are relatively few and simple.

By Anil Ananthaswamy. We are unlike any other animal, but the differences are surprisingly difficult to pin down. The Gap by Thomas Suddendorf is the most comprehensive attempt yet.


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