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Today, more and more folks are choosing their own unique ways to make a living outside the grind. If a flexible schedule with pleasurable tasks is what you're after, then according to a new WoodRocket video about why porn stars got into pornworking in the adult industry just might be for you. Unfortunately, the pejorative, old school narratives about the reasons women are motivated to work in porn still circulate.

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What do porn stars do when their lives in the adult film industry end? For others, a career in the adult industry has proven to be a conduit to certain despair. Here are their stories, as told to TheWrap by Wagoner.

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By Linda Massarella. January 23, pm Updated December 27, pm. Olivia Lua, a year-old doe-eyed brunette from Philadelphia, was an instant hit when she joined the LA porn scene in

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Fox Jenna Jameson and Traci Lords are but a few previously X-rated performers who have managed to parlay their controversial careers into the mainstream. Many times porn stars are considered social outcasts once they leave the adult entertainment industry, but there are a few previously X-rated performers who have managed to parlay their controversial careers into the mainstream. Jenna Jameson Once dubbed the queen of the adult entertainment genre, she used her fan base to gain the attention of Hollywood.

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In a hotel room in Las Vegas, a barefoot man in a red tracksuit is frantically searching through his luggage. He checks the closets and drawers without success. He disappears into the bathroom.

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Former porn star Asia Carrera is now a stay at home mom living in Utah. Oxymoron Entertainment. Ever wonder what happens to porn stars once the bright lights go out on their careers?

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Unique—Like Everybody Else. Pornography has long been a controversial topic, but there has not been a great deal of research investigating the performers in this profession.

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Not too long ago, the adult film industry was in a state of perpetual growth. In the late 90s and early 00s, those who were struggling to make ends meet could make six figures for a day's work if they were willing to strip down to their birthday suit and let a camera crew film the whole thing. X-rated videotapes and DVDs were in high demand, with millions upon millions of units being moved every day.

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Many of the biggest stars from the adult film industry's so-called Golden Age — an era when VHS launched pornography into a multi-million dollar business — have come and gone. The former special education teacher began a drastic career change inwhen his girlfriend sent naked photos of him to "Playgirl. The spread was so impressive that he started getting calls from adult film directors.


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