Facial exercise classes

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Boutique fitness, like any other cult, requires a suspension of disbelief most often combined with exorbitant amounts of money. Movements have instructions such as smile with no teeth, then purse the lips, then keep lips pursed, then smile again, then hold the smile for 20 seconds. The goal, of course, is to achieve long-calcified standards of physical perfection in the form of youthful, sag-free skin.

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Facial-Flex is the first and only progressive resistance based exercise device clinically proven to develop face toning, reduce wrinkles and offer facial rejuvenation. You exercise to stay healthy, strong and youthful. Now, just like your body muscles, your facial muscles can be significantly strengthened and improved by exercise and resistance based training.

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For the best experience, we typically recommend minute online facial exercise lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. Curious how much online facial exercise lessons cost in your area?

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Seminars and Classes are now available. This page is updated often with the latest seminar and class updates. Or groups who may want to feature my seminar. If you have any interest in offering my seminar, please contact me!!

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As if it isn't enough that we worry about toning our arms, legs, stomachs and behinds, the latest trend is all about working out our faces. When I first heard about this new trend, I'll admit I was a bit baffled. I learned about facial exercises and even face yogabut I'd never considered trying either one.

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No nasty nips or tucks for age defying results. The Facial Workout is the ultimate facial fitness routine for women and men who want to look younger, without painful injections and expensive cosmetic surgery. The Facial Workout will help to enhance your natural beauty and restore your youthful radiance.

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The act of pulsing the muscles through repetition of movement, whether through cardio, strength training or barre classes, is the only way to achieve results. Yet, to tone and lift the skin, we turn to topical treatments. Would you ever trust a topical cream that claims to help you lose weight?

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The changes that go along with that are not signs of failure. In my pro-aging zeal, I exercise regularly, color my locks, and at least try new tech all the time. Soon I found myself entranced, watching women contort their faces while raving about the benefits of toning.

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By health reporter Olivia Willis. Fold your upper lip over your front teeth. Smile again to lift those cheek muscles up!

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